Birth Chart Blend

This in-depth session will allow you to become acquainted with your unique astrological profile beyond just your sun sign. A birth chart is like a celestial picture of the relationship between you and the positions of the planets when you were born. Using your birth chart as a guide, we’ll find the perfect plant allies for your optimal wellness. Working with these energetic patterns, we can see what elements and signs are dominate in your birth chart, and areas that are unbalanced. Combining your natal chart, a brief questionnaire and consultation, I will craft a blend of herbs specifically attuned to your energetic & wellness needs, that still tastes yummy!

What’s Included?                                            

30-minute consultation virtually, on the phone, or in person

Printed (with notes) and digital copy of your birth chart

A crafted herbal blend made specifically for you, based on your current wellness needs.

4-ounce loose leaf bag of your unique blend or a 2 ounce prepackaged in compostable ready to go serving sized tea bags.

15 minute follow up phone call or email consultation


Love this idea but want a condensed version?

Try a mini session $45

15-minute phone consultation

Digital copy of your birth chart

A crafted herbal formula made specifically for you based on your current wellness needs

1 ounce loose leaf sample of your unique blend